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Export of fresh grapes from Iran

Export of fresh grapes

Export of grapes from Iran includes fresh grape, black currant, seedless Tizabi, seeded Tizabi, seedless Aftabi, seeded Aftabi, seedless green Kashmari, seeded green Kashmari, seedless Angoori, seeded Angoori and other dried grapes. Export of fresh grapes is one of main export items in fruit category. Seedless Tizabi merely after fresh …

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Organic fresh kiwi fruit wholesale price

Organic fresh kiwi fruit

Everyone believes that organic fresh kiwi fruit grows for taste, so you can be sure you’re getting the best nutrients by taking one daily as a snack. It has so many vitamins and minerals, making it a delicious and nutrient-dense complement with reasonable price to your everyday diet as a …

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Pakistani mango seller to Iranian merchants

Pakistani mango

Thanks to its warm tropical climate, Pakistan is now one of the largest producers of fresh mangoes in Central Asia, and has lots of mango exports to many countries like Iran. There are lots of Pakistani mango seller to Iranian merchants every year, and these products are very popular on …

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Greenhouse Cucumber Production in Iran

Greenhouse Cucumber Production

Producing fruits and vegetables in seasons other than their own season has become one of the most profitable activities of farmers in today’s world. It seem greenhouse cucumber production in Iran has also become popular among the farmers to provide the consumers’ needs in other seasons. Greenhouse cucumber production is …

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Export of grapes from Iran

Export of grapes from Iran

Grape is a soft skin and juicy fruit that ripens from grape tree. Also grape is one of oldest plants that mankind learned how to cultivate that. It seem grape grows in all zones of world that have moderate whether. In Iran also this fruit cultivated and export of grapes …

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Iranian red delicious apple price

Iranian red delicious apple

Iranian red delicious apple a genetic regenerated apple that there are50 kinds of this apple. Birth place of this apple is Madison county of Ayova state in America. First time it was harvested in 1880. It is common that Iranian red delicious apple price is more than other apples because …

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