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Organic fresh kiwi fruit wholesale price

Organic fresh kiwi fruit wholesale price

Organic cultivation of fruits always leads to higher expenditure, but because it create first class, today it remarked for many of companies. Kiwi is one of fruits that is breading in organic system in north regions of Iran. Welcoming to buy organic kiwi assured the companies to act in this …

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Kiwi exports from Iran to the middle east

Kiwi exports from iran

Iran itself is one of the member states in the Middle East region and the Kiwi exports from iran to the middle east is highly beneficial. In addition to Iran, other countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, etc. are also some of the countries in the region. What …

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Rish Baba grape for buying

rish baba grape for buying

Rish baba grapes are very sweet and rich in fiber and vitamins, due to their high longevity, the rish baba grape for buying is very keen, and most domestic and foreign customers tend to buy them. Clusters of cones, short, oval cubes, and when brown spots arrive. One of the …

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Export Iranian apple fruit

export iranian apple fruit

The apple tree, scientifically named Malus domestica, is grown in most parts of the world and can be said to be found all over the world. The fruit of the apple (which we sometimes call the apple tree) has many varieties, its wild type is small and its rearing is …

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Export of fresh grapes from Iran

Export of fresh grapes

Export of grapes from Iran includes fresh grape, black currant, seedless Tizabi, seeded Tizabi, seedless Aftabi, seeded Aftabi, seedless green Kashmari, seeded green Kashmari, seedless Angoori, seeded Angoori and other dried grapes. Export of fresh grapes is one of main export items in fruit category. Seedless Tizabi merely after fresh …

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Pakistani mango seller to Iranian merchants

Pakistani mango

Thanks to its warm tropical climate, Pakistan is now one of the largest producers of fresh mangoes in Central Asia, and has lots of mango exports to many countries like Iran. There are lots of Pakistani mango seller to Iranian merchants every year, and these products are very popular on …

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