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Export Iranian bell pepper to Emarat

Sweet bell peppers are a very common and popular vegetables in the markets all over the world and an inseparable part of the international trade. Iran is a main supplier of these vegetable in the Middle East and most fruit companies export Iranian bell pepper to Emarat and other countries in the region.

Different color bell peppers

One of the most popular characteristic in these sweet bell peppers is the different vibrant colors they come in, which has made them popular among the professional and home cooks from all over the world. Different colors of bell peppers actually come from the same plant, but in various stages of development.

They all start from the green and as they stay on the plant for longer, they will ripen and eventually turn red. It is true that red bell peppers are more nutritious than the green ones and can have up to 150 percent of the vitamins of their green cousins. Bell peppers are a main part of the Iranian international exports.

Many companies export Iranian bell pepper to Emarat as a very popular destination.

Different color bell peppers

Bell pepper exports

Unlike other fruit exports from Iran, the sale of sweet bell peppers is not limited to a single harvesting season and continues all year long. This is because of the fact that bell peppers can be grown in green houses with controlled temperatures, and as a result, are available all year long for all people to enjoy. As a result, companies export Iranian bell pepper to Emarat and lots of other neighboring countries like Russia and Iraq, all year long and without stop.

Bell peppers are used in many different cuisines from all over the world and that has helped to increase their popularity a great deal. They also come in various vibrant colors with almost the same taste, and that can be used in food decoration and design.

Overall, these sweet bell peppers are among the hottest items on international fruit and vegetable markets.

Bell pepper exports

Health benefits of bell peppers

These sweet and colorful amazing bell peppers have a wide variety of health benefits and besides making your dishes more beautiful, they can help your body in many different ways. They are one of the richest sources of vitamin C among vegetables. Vitamin C will do wonders for the body, but the most important is taking care of the immune system and boosting it.

They are also very low on calories and can be added to the diets of diabetes patients and athletes without any worries about carbohydrates and sugars. Also the fat content in these vegetables is almost non-existent and besides giving your dishes vibrant colors, they can keep you and your heart healthy. Iran is the largest supplier of these peppers in the region.

Fruit companies always export Iranian bell pepper to Emarat in large commercial quantities.

Health benefits of bell peppers

Iranian bell pepper production

Iran is among the largest producers of bell peppers in the world, and the largest in the Middle East. Iran produces these sweet bell peppers on large commercial scales that goes up to millions of tons, and is able to supply its own markets, and also export large quantities of these amazing vegetables to the Middle Eastern and West Asian fruit markets every year. For example, many companies export bell pepper to Emarat annually. Unlike popular belief, the ones produced in greenhouses are just as healthy and organic as the ones produced in open farms, and are in some ways more environmental friendly as well.

Greenhouses allows bell peppers to be grown in regions with drier climates and less fresh water sources. As a result, there will be much less water usage and waste, and can help keep the local environment intact. It will also be much easier to control the pests and there will be no need to use harmful chemical pesticides and preservatives on the products. Overall, the sweet bell peppers produced in Iran are among the highest quality and best found in the world.

They are always in very high demands over on the international markets of the region.
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