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Export of fresh grapes from Iran

Export of grapes from Iran includes fresh grape, black currant, seedless Tizabi, seeded Tizabi, seedless Aftabi, seeded Aftabi, seedless green Kashmari, seeded green Kashmari, seedless Angoori, seeded Angoori and other dried grapes. Export of fresh grapes is one of main export items in fruit category.

Chief exported fruit from Iran

Seedless Tizabi merely after fresh apple is second chief exported fruit from Iran. According to released demography in 1390 Iran had the seventh score in grape production and sent grape to 70 countries of world.

Export of fresh grapes

Production of grape varieties in Iran

Sapling of Vitis. Vinifera. L. with Asian source is breading in Iran for joinery purpose. Sapling of seedless white and red grape gives the best banquet grape also is suitable to produce raisin. Generally sapling of Shahany grape planted in many vineyards of Iran.

Because of thick hull this species can kept in storage. Also Sapling of outgrow grape of Asgari fit for fresh eating. Many other varieties of grape producing in Iran and exported to many countries.

Export of fresh grapes

Export of fresh grapes

The most part of export of various grapes from Iran belongs to seedless Tizabi (dried grape) with 148 million Dollar exports. Also export of seedless Angoori (dried grape) was more than 105 million Dollars.
Export qualifications of fresh grapes and dried ones are anything like.

How much water used to produce grape?

In the world 7710000 hectare of farms are grape orchards and under grape cultivation. This item in Iran is 300000 hectare that 219000 hectares are under water farming and the rest are under dry farming. Water require of grape is 5000-7000 m3 per hectare a year. Export of fresh grapes depends on water availability.

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