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grape cost per ton

Iran’s export grape a variety of raisin seed which has a variety of factors involved in the grape cost per ton in each herb in Iran, from the price of poison to the cost of irrigation and dredging which increase the production price. The grape not only a sweet and nutritious fruit from a shrub called vine, but also referred to as a garden ornament.

Grape Cost per ton in Iran

In some Iranian cities, due to the low winter rainfall, aqueducts or wells used to irrigate vineyards, which has a higher cost of grape production in Iranian vineyards than other vineyards. Pest control and pest control are effective by timely spraying and using standard grape price pesticides. O

rganizations and unions have been instrumental in setting grape prices in modern countries. Iran also needs to strengthen this institution. Using cultivars that are compatible with the crop area and resistant to pests reduces the grape cost per ton in Iran.

Price per ton of grapes in Iran varies due to the good quality and standard sorting and packaging operations of exported Iranian grapes.

Grape Cost per ton in Iran

Grape production in Iran

The increase in grape production in Iran can related to atmospheric rainfall in summer. And spring and requires mild winters to optimize the production of grapes. So decrease severe temperature in spring leads to reduced production. The vineyard needs little cold to produce grapes, even in some cultivars it lacks the cold needed to produce the crop. The cool summer weather increases the pickling and decreasing fruit sugar and increases the summer sugar temperature.

Grape cultivation in the country is about 294,000 hectares, 92% of which are fertile. Iran’s grape production increased by 3.8 million tons in the year 95, which increases the export of Iranian grapes. Vineyards can produce grapes on average for about 30 years with ease. Importing countries of the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Iraq are the major export markets of Iranian grapes for export.

Which determine the grape cost per ton for export depending on the factors that affect it.

Grape production in Iran

Iran export grape purchase reference

Iran’s export grape purchasing reference should be the agricultural and horticultural unions themselves in the country. So that the actual price of the product determined for the crop. And false and bubble prices do not create market fluctuations and proper product distribution. In addition to determining the grape cost per ton, the union could provide consulting services and regulate the consumption market for the lost country.

Agricultural product festivals that take place at the time of harvesting can be a reference for product introduction. Government support for guaranteed purchase of grapes as a strategic product can be a reference to grape purchases. In spite of the many efforts that gardeners make to produce crops.

Sometimes the crop does not have the right quality to receive government support.

Iran export grape purchase reference

Grape cost per ton for export from Iran

The largest share of Iranian grape exports to Russia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates are the largest export markets for Iranian grapes, and raisins are one of the export figures. There are different types of grapes in Iran that differ in their characteristics such as color, size, size, sugar content, shape and size of the grapes.Inappropriate harvesting conditions and the lack of modern packaging machinery for grapes make the export of boom not good.

Economic experts believe market-to-market policy is one of the most effective measures to boost exports and national interest. Upgrading agricultural equipment, stopping agricultural orchards, cheap transportation, and standard planning of purchasing agricultural and horticultural products can increase the export share of agricultural and horticultural products. There are many factors affecting the grape cost per ton for export from Iran, leading to higher prices. There are many merchants who buy the best and most quality products from the gardeners and market them worldwide.

With many years of export and import experience, vitarad Trading has gained popularity among its buyers and buys the best grapes for export from farmers.


Grape cost per ton for export from Iran

types of grapes for eating

Among the many varieties of grapes, the seedless one is very popular and the markets provide them in different forms. Grapes usually come in different forms such as raisin, jelly and juice, but fresh fruit is usually the most favorable.types of grapes for eating


Exporting fresh grapes to Europe

Fresh grapes are also very favorable in European countries and they usually import the fruit in large quantities. Grape cost per ton in the European countries is usually high and makes a great market for this fruit.Exporting fresh grapes to Europe


grape cost per ton

The many exporters of grapes usually sell this fruit on wholesales. As a result, the price per ton of this fruit is usually low. In some varieties, the price of grapes in fresh is about 10 thousand dollars per ton.grape cost per ton


buy grapes wholesale

Exporters usually purchase the fruit on big wholesales. The grape cost per ton on big wholesales becomes lower. Many of the importers in other countries import the fruit in different forms of fresh, juice or raisin.

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