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Indian banana prices in the Middle East

India is one of the Asian countries which produces bananas in Asia and exports them to the great Asian and world fruit market. Indian banana prices along with the quality of the Indian bananas in the Middle East have made this fruit a popular product for many countries to import from India.

Banana has a lot of benefits and it is produced in tropical areas such as India which has a great area under cultivation of banana trees. India can supply the banana demand of the countries need to import this great fruit to their country. The companies buy the produced bananas from the farmers and export them to the demanding countries after packing them.

Indian banana prices

Banana buyers in the Middle East

There are many countries in the Middle East that import bananas from India and this is mostly because India is close and there would be lower shipping cost. Another reason could be the high quality and the lower price of the product. Indian banana producers usually produce organic bananas and the packing is quite good.

The exporting companies usually offer lower prices compared to the other countries and this brings a higher demand for the product by many countries. Iran is also one of the countries which imports banana from India and some other countries. Indian banana prices are considered an important factor in importing the fruit to the country.

Indian banana prices

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High production of bananas in India

The weather conditions in India has made it a great place to produce tropical fruits and especially banana. The land area under the cultivation of banana is very big and this means a great production rate of banana in the country.

The high production of banana in India requires companies to trade with other countries to export the banana to. Therefore, the companies need to buy quality fruits and pack them in different sizes. The Indian banana prices also cause a big sale of the banana in international market. The lower the price, the higher the amount of export will be.

Indian banana prices

Banana imports from India by importing companies

Since there is a high production of banana in India, the fruit exporting companies feel themselves responsible to look for good international markets to export the fruit. Therefore, the companies try to satisfy their customers regarding the quality, price and packing.

Indian banana prices are not much high in the international markets and this somehow means customer satisfaction. The importing countries also look for the best product and reasonable price. The Indian banana prices are almost proper for the Iranian importers. The Iranian importers mostly import Indian bananas from India.

Indian banana prices

Banana sale & buy of Vitarad company

Vitarad is one of the Iranian companies which buy bananas from India and meets the banana need of the Iranian consumers. This company also tries to look for a quality fruit in lower price that all Iranian families can prepare it. This company sets good relationship with the exporting companies in India to import fruit to the country.

As the Indian banana prices are not that high in the international market, this fruit gains a high popularity. The higher the demand the lower the price you can get from the exporter. The closeness of India is also very important in the prices of the imported banana.

Indian banana prices

Indian banana prices

Indian banana prices are usually lower when compared to other countries exporting banana, such as Ecuador. Therefore, banana has a lower price among the many fruits imported to the country and is affordable for many families. The popularity of this fruit in the Iranian market requires a higher supply by the exporting and importing companies.

The exporting companies are usually eager to work with the Iranian companies as they are so trustable. The trade relationships between the two countries brings benefits for the companies in both countries. This fruit is now very easy to be prepared by Iranian consumers. This is mostly due to the Indian producers and exporters of banana.

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