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Prices per ton red pomegranate saveh for export

Prices per ton red pomegranate saveh for export one of the issues to considered because this topic determines that how much pomegranate and with how quality which how countries to export and this will improve the works of exporting and importing. Per ton red pomegranate saveh usually the price is high.

Per ton red pomegranate saveh in every city first high prices and later it sells at lower prices because in the first part of the fruit season it is known as an old fruit and then like a typical fruit you it is sold. To export more this fruit should be it supports domestic production and he made people aware of his benefits to increase his position in the home.

Per ton red pomegranate saveh

Pomegranate is a universal fruit

Pomegranate is a universal fruit. The benefits of this universal fruit are:

  1. Different antioxidants in pomegranate protects the heart and prevents cancer.
  2. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin c and antioxidants which can help delay aging symptoms and of course antioxidants inflamed skin and fights treats acne and dark spots and it illuminates the skin.
  3.  maintaining glucose levels and blood pressure
  4. calm abdomen
  5. raising the immune system
  6. improve digestion
  7. avoid anemia
  8. cartilage modification9- suitable for pre-delivery and useful for pregnant women.

Benefits of per ton red pomegranate saveh equals dozens of other winter fruits.

Per ton red pomegranate saveh

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Production of pomegranate in Iran

Iran has 60000 hectares under cultivation and 670000 tons of pomegranate per year in terms of production and exports it has the world’s first position. The highest pomegranate production is 30 tons per hectare while the regular production of pomegranate is 8 to 12 tons per hectare.

In Iran 5 provinces have the highest levels of pomegranate production and planting in the country includes: provinces of Khorasan-Fars-Central-Isfahan and Yazd. Per ton red pomegranate saveh it is equal to several tons of pomegranate from other cities which can exported to other countries.

Per ton red pomegranate saveh

Sweet and sour pomegranate of saveh have good quality

One of the important features of pomegranate saveh sweet and sour of this pomegranate. Also is it the touch of that tree is a lot of popularity in the world. That seem it is suitable for any Iranian taste. The city of saveh one of the best cities in the field of pomegranate. Because this product is high quality and suitable for entering the market.

Size per ton red pomegranate saveh it is equal to several other pomegranates. The highest harvested pomegranate in Iran special for the city of saveh. Because that where fruit grows under suitable weather conditions and in the right season it reaches customers. And it does will make them happy.

Per ton red pomegranate saveh

Price per ton red pomegranate saveh

The highest amount of pomegranate for sale from above mentioned cities to increase this amount these fruits should be available. At lower prices to on crease the production and sales of the product and more exports see more countries with this tasty fruit. As result, and use the benefits of the fruits.

Iranian pomegranates have a lot to do in many countries. It seem because Iran exports a high quality product to these countries in a large quantity. Per ton red pomegranate saveh in the new season it is a bit expensive.But in the next season seasons at affordable prices people will be available. For more sale pomegranate should all stores and fruit stores have enough pomegranate an provide it at affordable prices.

Per ton red pomegranate saveh

Pomegranate exports from Iran

Among the countries that Iran exports to pomegranate is:

  • turkey
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates-
  • India and Pakistan.

Exporting pomegranate to these countries is like this that several of these countries have the highest demand every year. Also some do not even ask for it at all. Because in some years because of being blocked transit routes unable to send to some countries.

When you start the harvest season pomegranate by creating export terminals it has prevented pomegranate corruption. As a result, the gardener will benefit more. The maximum amount pomegranate for sale producing good weather conditions in the country like per ton red pomegranate saveh which is for the beauty zone like saveh.

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