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Red Delicious apple export from Iran

Red delicious apple is an agricultural crop that is proper for export from Iran to Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, Qatar, Russia, and Pakistan. Amount of export of tree apple depends on the amount of production of this fruit and amount of rainfall in a year. In recent years production of this fruit increased remarkably.

Various kinds of apple

Various kinds of red, yellow and green tree apples produced and exposed to the markets. Every kind of these apples has individual nature and properties and breeding and dispensing with different quality. The farmers breed various kinds of apple seeds while they have complete information about the planting, harvesting and watering of them in soft and light soil. And after harvesting they provide a crop that has high quality and cheap price. Red delicious apple is a crop that is exported from Iran to many countries.

Some states of Iran because of possessing ideal weather condition, proper soils and capable gardeners produce every kinds of apple.

Various kinds of apple

Commercial companies providing apple

There are several commercial companies in allover Iran that expose red and yellow tree apple directly and without middleman. Tree apples are entering into the markets and fruit plaza. Every company that provides tree apple tries to sell their credible and well-known brand. Degree of quality and smell and taste of apple and kind of packing and uniform size of package, lack of spot and lack of cut on the fruit are signs of a high qualified crop.

The mentioned parameters are characteristics of a valid brand. The companies that expose red delicious apple to export from Iran , chose the best one with highest quality and gather them in plastic baskets or carton package and send them to the buyer countries.

Hence export of Iranian apple to other countries results in more production and more sale.

Commercial companies providing apple

Red delicious apple

Urmia is a district that produces various kinds of garden crops. as we can mention about apple, it is possible to cognize Urmia as the biggest producer of red apple in Iran. due to this reason always high volume of red delicious apple is harvested from its gardens and gotten ready to be sold in Iran and other countries.

the companies that export red apple, always pay attention to the high qualified apples and provide them to the global markets. the companies announce specific price for these crops and also expose first degree and standard crops to the market. therefor we can observe an obvious price for red apple by the big sellers in allover the world. Red delicious apple of Maragheh and Ardabil have very good quality and are desirable to export from iran.

in the next row we will say more about them.

Red delicious apple

Most desirable red apple

Tree apple is one of most well-known Iranian crops in global markets and is able to record the best score of sale. Now the price of Iranian apple is better than past time and has dragged the export costumers toward Iran markets. Majority of apples that are producing in Iran belong to these areas: Urmia, Meshkin, Ardabil, Samirom, Shiraz and Maragheh. Tree apple of Maraghe is one of most desirable apples between various kinds of Iranian apples. The price of Maraghe red apple also very ideal and resulted in attend of this crop in export market.

The price of red apple in market depends on many parameters. For example Maragheh red apple can be considerated based on these factors:

  1. the area of breeding of apple,
  2. quality of the tree apple,
  3. export buyers of the apple.

Maragheh is located in a district that can have a good deal with Caspian sea marginal countries and also turkey. Red delicious apple of maraghe always is chosen in sorting as one of export crops from Iran .

According to all these cases it’s not unfamiliar to see that red apple of maragheh is between the most desirable export crops.

Most desirable red apple

Red and Golden Delicious apples

Red Delicious one of the most internationally recognized varieties of apples that produced all over the world with the amount exceeding tens of millions of tons. Iran is also one of the countries cultivating this popular variety and every year, there a lot of Red Delicious apple export from Iran.

Apples among the healthiest and most widely consumed fruits in the world with the annual production of around 90 million tons every year.

Red and Golden Delicious apples are also man made cultivars made in the United States over a hundred years ago. Since their international popularity, Red Delicious apple exports are a big part of the apple industry.Red and Golden Delicious apples


How many calories in a Red delicious apple?

These Varieties of apples known for their vibrant red color and for being mildly sweet and juicy. Red Delicious apples are perfect for eating fresh and juicing, but are not good baking apples. On average, one medium Red Delicious apple has around 80 calories. They contain no fat, no cholesterol, 22 total carbohydrates, 17 sugars and no protein.

These apples also contain around 5 grams of dietary fibers. And also are a great source of Vitamin C, and each single serving of them has 20 percent of the recommended daily value of the vitamin. Red Delicious apple exports are done all over the world, since they are among the most popular apple varieties.


video below you can see Red delicious apple of Vitarad Company:

Iran Red delicious apple

Iran is among the countries that cultivates apple on a commercial scale. Hence, a big part of the Iranian farms dedicated to internationally recognized and popular varieties. Iran has around 3.7 million tons of apples produced every year. And more than half of this production is of Red and Golden Delicious varieties which shows their importance in Iran.

Red Delicious apple exports are also a huge part of the Iranian apple industry, with apples being sent to more than 20 countries all over the world. There are a lot of states producing Red Delicious in Iran with West Azerbaijan being the biggest.

Red Delicious apple exports are also a huge part of the Iranian apple industry. Which apples being sent to more than 20 countries all over the world. There are a lot of states producing Red Delicious in Iran with West Azerbaijan being the biggest.Iran Red delicious apple


Fruit exports from Iran

The country of Iran is the biggest producer of fruits in the Middle East and North Africa. It is also one of the biggest exporter of different fruits and vegetables in the world. Apples contain a big part of Iranian fruit industry and they are a multi-million-dollar business for the country.

Red Delicious apple export is also the most important one of them. Because this Variety accounts for a third of Iran’s apple production and a big part of its exports. Fruits from Iran are sent to more than 70 countries in the world and they are known for their high quality and amazing taste and texture.Fruit exports from Iran


Iranian apple export

Apple production has been a big part of Iran’s agriculture, and is constantly on the rise. Iranian apples are known as a brand worldwide and are in high demands on the international markets. On average, there around 800000 tons of Iranian apples exported every year.

Most of the Iranian Apples Go to Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. Some also exported to the European Union countries and Russia. Red Delicious apple exports are the biggest part of this Iranian industry and account for a third of the country’s total production and exports.Iranian apple export


Prices of Red delicious apple

Iranian Red Delicious apples are sent to 24 different countries in the world. Each of these markets has its own characteristics and requirements which sets the price. A big part in the Red Delicious apple export’s costs, is the transportation costs. There a lot of money spent on getting the fruit from one country to another. Which will affect the final retail price as well.

The new advancements in technologies have been able to reduce the transportation costs at some levels. Also, another big indicator in the final price of these apples is the harvesting season. They are usually less expensive in the harvesting season when they sent to the markets fresh from the trees. And do not spend any time in the refrigerators.

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