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Sell black pomegranate to export from Iran

Pomegranate fruit has many varieties, one of which is Gharabagh Pomegranate, which is known as sell black Pomegranate to export from iran has a high sales volume and is produced in Jolfa. In the villages of Jolfa, the harvest of pomegranates starts in early October and continues until the end of November.

The best quality pomegranate for export in Iran

The best black pomegranate to export from Iran produced in the temperate regions of the country. Due to the high quality of these products in the world markets it welcomed. Among the varieties of tasty and tasty pomegranate fruits the most consumed and processed in different parts of the country.

Pomegranates are generally divided into two types of white and red seed pomegranates, which are often used in industrial plants to produce pomegranate paste (often known as black pomegranate because of its high redness).

Therefore, a high volume of first-class exported pomegranates available on the market purchased by paste producers and used to produce high-quality pomegranate paste.

The best quality pomegranate for export in Iran

Guilan sour pomegranate

The highest level of cultivation of sour pomegranate gardens in Gilan is in Masal city and the highest level of cultivation of sweet pomegranate gardens is in Rudbar city. Pomegranate orchards scattered throughout Guilan, especially forested and mountainous areas. In fact, 760 varieties of pomegranates are grown in the country, the most native and the most sour in Gilan.

Sour pomegranates also commonly used in Gilani stews and olive seasonings. The abundance of sour pomegranates in Guilan has made the Gilani Cabbage use 90% of their food, grain and paste in their cooking. Pomegranates, Grated Olives, Fusanjan, Cal Kebab and Mirza Ghasemi are popular local dishes that the Gilani Cabbages use in sour pomegranate paste or juice.

Like most parts of Iran, harvesting of black pomegranate to export from Iran to Gilan starts in October and continues until the end of November.

Guilan sour pomegranate

Firoozkooh pomegranate (sour and sweet)

The quality of pomegranates in the world of Mahmoudabad Firoozkooh has a special reputation in the world, so that black pomegranates to export from Iran to exported European countries.. Mahmoodabad village located 70 kilometers southwest of Firouzkouh and one of the major districts of Habbleh Rood, located in an area where pomegranate yields are most productive.

The village attracts a large number of enthusiasts and tourists every year during the autumn season during the pomegranate season, at which time a festival called Pomegranate is held. Mahmoodabad pomegranate a large, juicy, impact-resistant, slightly curved skin.

Its taste is melas (sour and sweet) and has high shelf life and is the best type of pomegranate for those with hypertension or high blood pressure.

Firoozkooh pomegranate (sour and sweet)

General characteristics of pomegranates and where to get the best pomegranate fruit?

Since Iran’s pomegranate production volume is very high. A considerable amount of these products surplus to market consumption and hence used in breweries. Some of the best pomegranates on the market that come in standard and uniform packaging. Also black pomegranates to export from Iran. Which are high quality and water-based varieties. Be it.

Iran’s best export pomegranate produced in areas of the country with temperate climates. One of the characteristics of exported pomegranates in Iran is the absence of throat cream in these fruits and their uniformity in size. As a powerful source of antioxidants, pomegranates are an ideal nutrient for preventing cancer in the daily diet and can even hinder disease progression. However, its effect on prostate cancer is more tangible and can reduce cancer cell proliferation by one-third.

Its function in breast and prostate cancer is due to the regulation of estrogen hormones and its tannins will be effective in activating the gastrointestinal tract against colon cancer. Pomegranate isoflavones (phytoestrogens) also help reduce cancer cells and have a significant effect on this.

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General characteristics of pomegranates and where to get the best pomegranate fruit?

Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world

Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world. Also there are many different cultivars and colors of pomegranates produced in this country. Iranian black pomegranates are one of the popular cultivars. Many of the local companies sell black pomegranate to export from Iran.

More than 30% of the world’s pomegranates are produced in Iran. So the country has lots of pomegranate to export every year. Iranian pomegranates also considered by many to be the best products on the international markets. These pomegranates exported to many different regions of the world for both fresh consumption and making side products.

Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world

What is pomegranate with black seed?

Black pomegranates are an exciting rare cultivar of pomegranates, and Iran is one of the few countries of the world that produces them on large scales. The amount of production in some cities is so high that Iran has also got black pomegranate to export as well.

These pomegranates are much richer in nutrients and minerals and considered extremely healthy. The city of Saveh is the capital of pomegranates in Iran and has international fame. The farmers of the city produce all types of Iranian sweet and sour pomegranates including the black types. Their products are among the most popular and bestselling, on the international markets.

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What are the benefits of black pomegranate seeds?

There are many benefits in black pomegranates which made them very popular. Black pomegranates contain 15 different types of amino acids, 6 of which are not found in any other fruit. They are also extremely rich in anti-oxidants and can protect the heart from various diseases.

They have also so many benefits in preventing coughs and healing the sore throat. Some studies also suggest that the skin of these pomegranates contain large amounts of anti-bionics and can prevent infections. They owe their popularity to all these benefits and that’s why Iran offers so many pomegranates to exports.

What are the benefits of black pomegranate seeds?

Buy pomegranate from Iranian farmers

Most of the Iranian fruit companies, collect their pomegranates from the local farmers and markets. In this way, they offer the freshest and the best pomegranate to exports. The companies also package the pomegranates with extra care and send them to many different destinations. Besides these exports, most of the pomegranates distributed and consumed within the country.

Pomegranates are an important part of the Iranian culture and are a part of every Iranian’s annual diet. There are also a lot of pomegranate side products which great ingredients in many of the Iranian dishes.

Buy pomegranate from Iranian farmers

Sell pomegranate to export

There are many Iranian fruit companies that sell the high quality local pomegranate to export. Like many other Iranian product, these fruits mostly exported to the Middle Eastern markets. They are very popular in these markets, and are always in high demands by the customers.

There are also pomegranate exports to European and North American countries, but on smaller scales. Many of the sour and small pomegranatesalso exported to factories which make side products. Some of the most popular side products of these fruits are pomegranate juice, and paste that produced in Iran as well.

Sell pomegranate to export

Wholesale price of Iranian black pomegranate

Iran offers large quantities of pomegranate to exports and it is one of the most valuable and popular Iranian agricultural products. They are the most expensive Iranian fruit and have a lot of value on the international markets. Especially considering the fact that Iran produces around 1 million tons, of the total 3 million tons of pomegranates produced in the world.

The wholesale export of these fruits also depends on their cultivars. Black pomegranates for example are among the rarer and costlier cultivars. Sweet pomegranates which used for fresh consumption are also much cheaper. There are many second grade pomegranates as well, that cost much less and used to make side products.

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