export iranian apple fruit

Export Iranian apple fruit

The apple tree, scientifically named Malus domestica, is grown in most parts of the world and can be said to be found all over the world. The fruit of the apple (which we sometimes call the apple tree) has many varieties, its wild type is small and its rearing is large. In the export Iranian […]

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Apple fruit buyers

Iranian apple fruit buyers in Russia

Apples are among the most amazing and healthiest fruits on the planet, and they also account for a large part of the Iranian agricultural products every year. Russia is also the biggest importer from Iran and there are a lot of interested Iranian apple fruit buyers in Russia, importing the fruit every year. Apples are […]

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Apple fruit wholesalers

Iranian apple fruit wholesalers

All over the world, apples are extremely popular and always account for a big part of the international fruit trade, all year long. It is also one of the main agricultural products of the country Iran, and Iranian apple fruit wholesalers send large shipments to many countries of the world. Apples are among the most […]

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Buy Iranian apple fruit

Iran is now the fourth biggest producer of apple fruit in the world with the annual production of more than 3.5 million tons over different states of the country. These fruits are also in very high demand in the international markets and a lot of companies sell and buy Iranian apple fruit. Apple is among […]

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