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Top grade wholesale sweet fresh grape

The time of harvesting must be so that the market price of crop for fresh use becomes suitable. In this case the external shape and quality of grape cluster must be good and acceptable. Top grade wholesale of sweet fresh grape depends on some qualities that are effective in price of grape.

sweet fresh grape

Being very small or very large about grains and clusters, uniformity in size of grains, being dense about clusters, outward signs of various pests, existence of spots on grains, especially uniformity of color of clusters are important parameters from desirability, marketing, popularity point of view.

After harvest of grape fruit, the maturing process stops. Complete maturing is possible only on the bush. Therefore it must be picked after complete maturing and reaching desirable quality. Grape maturing is along with increase of sugar, decrease of acidity, expansion of color and tissue and change of taste.

Top grade wholesale sweet fresh grape has qualities that are reachable in harvest time.

sweet fresh grape

wholesale of sweet fresh grape

Top grade wholesale price of sweet fresh grape is low, because fewer middlemen have effect on price of this crop. To wholesale of this crop the gardeners harvest the crop and sell huge amounts of that to market. If the gardeners send the grape crop to spring house it will be necessary to pack the crop.

Packing containers have very important role in transporting and keeping in springhouse. Resistance of packing containers must be so that comport weight of some other boxes on them. The kind and quality of boxes also are effective on price of wholesale grape crop.

To preserve the quality of this crop after harvesting and proper providing for customers in market. We need to regard the true methods of harvesting and packing for different uses of grape fruit to have successful wholesale.

wholesale of sweet fresh grape

Packing of sweet fresh grape

Packing of grape crop must be so that the cold air can infiltrate easily into box and inward the fruits and the heat that is result of breathing come out of box easily. The size of box also is important. The size and shape of box must answer economic use of fruit, the necessary stability, ease and certainty in moving, uploading and putting them on each other. Ratio of length to width must be 1.5 to 1.

The size of used boxes must be same and the inner surface must be smooth. It is necessary to remove every outstanding and sharp thing like nail and staples that can harm the grape. The containers must be disinfected before putting the grapes in them to remove mold and other microorganisms.

Top grade wholesale sweet fresh grape can be done when the producer uses the best methods to pack the grape crop.

Packing of sweet fresh grape

Preservation of fresh grape

The temperature of fruits while picking is close to temperature of environment and even can be 40 centigrade degree. This temperature is a suitable condition for growth of mycosis, fruits miss a lot of water and this decreases their quality. Based on this fact the grape crop must be chilled immediately after harvesting. The most prevalent method to chill the picked grape is massive air, in this approach the fruits are contacted to the cold air monotonously. Amount of breathing in grape is less than other fruits.

And amount of breathing in raw grains is more than matured grains. Therefore those grapes must be picked and be kept in springhouses that have desirable temperature.The grain of many of grape strains are not vulnerable when are in low temperature of springhouse. But the staffs of clusters that have lower sugar are vulnerable even in temperatures 3.8 below zero. Low temperature of springhouse can increase the longevity of grape crop but can lead to some damages like freezing. The best temperature to preservation of fresh grape is 1.1 below zero.

Top grade wholesale sweet fresh grape is possible when the preservation methods are executive.
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