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Wholesale green kiwi in international markets

Kiwis have become an important part of the Iranian and international fruit and vegetable trades over the past few years and their future is very bright. Iranian fruit companies are very active in the region and sell wholesale green kiwi in international markets in the Middle East and West Asia.

Green and Golden kiwis

Green kiwis are the famous type of this exotic fruit and account for more than 90% of the global production. Many people don’t even know that golden kiwis exist. These are the reason for the high number of the wholesale green kiwi in international markets, and their popularity.

Overall, both these kiwi cultivars are sweet and nutritious, and perfect for fresh consumption. Kiwis have become an important part of the international markets in the past years, and are becoming more and more popular among the younger generations every year. There also many kiwis flavored products in super markets all over the world.

The many health benefits of the kiwis also play a part in their popularity.

Green and Golden kiwis

Iranian kiwi production

Iran started producing kiwis only a few decades ago, but even in this short time, it has managed to become the largest producer of the fruit in the Middle East, and rank among the top five suppliers of the world. Kiwis require humid and cool areas to grow, and the southern coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran are the perfect place to grow high quality green kiwis.

The small regions beneath this sea, produce large quantities of the fruit, and account for all of the country’s production. Iran produced more than 400000 tons of kiwis every year and fruit companies have fun doing the wholesale green kiwi in international markets. Iranian kiwis also grown organically and packed full of different nutrients and vitamins which will attribute to their popularity and increasing high demands on the international fruit markets.

Iranian kiwi production

Health benefits of kiwis

There are many different health benefits in consuming fresh kiwis and, according to many scientists, they are a true definition of a miracle fruit. The most famous health benefit of the kiwis is their high content of vitamin C, which can do wonders for the immune system and protecting you against many different diseases and illnesses.

The black seeds are also full of vitamin D, the lack of which can cause constant fatigue and problems in bone development. Kiwis are also rich in dietary fibers and can help the consumer feel full for much longer. This health benefit along with the low calories and fat content makes kiwis ideal for everyone, young and old. The high and increasing amount of wholesale green kiwi in international markets is a sign of the popularity of the fruit and the international attitude to east healthy.

Health benefits of kiwis

Kiwis on international markets

Kiwis might not be as popular or as common as many other fruits, but they new and in that short time, they have exceeded everyone’s expectation in becoming very popular and well known all over the world. More and more countries trying to prepare the required agricultural infrastructures to produce these amazing fruits commercially. Very few countries like Iran and New Zealand are large producers of the fruit and also export them in large quantities.

The wholesale green kiwi in international markets is increasing every year and that is a golden opportunity for countries like Iran to shine on the international fruit and vegetable markets. There also new kiwi cultivars such as the golden kiwis introduced to the international markets, but the traditional green types are still more popular and account for more than 90% of the global production. Kiwis originate from China, but these days are grown all over the world, and many different countries produce more than 5 million tons of kiwis every year.

The future is very bright for this fruit and the international production and demands on the international markets, is going to be on a constant increase.
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